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Imagine the scene. Two police officers are patrolling the streets of a UK city in the early hours of the morning. They see two men sitting in a parked car and approach them. The situation quickly deteriorates and results in one officer receiving gunshot wounds before the assailants flee. Two months later, in court, it’s the police officers’ word against the defendants in the dock.

OK, let’s rewind to the beginning and imagine that one of the officers is wearing a small, lightweight video transmission device clipped to his uniform.

As he approaches the car he hits an alarm button on the device, which immediately auto-starts real-time transmission of HD quality, thermal imaging video of the scene to a large screen back at the police command centre, on a map with GPS location. Not only is HQ alerted to the fact that two officers are in a potentially dangerous situation, so there may be a need for back-up, but the recorded video clip could be used later as vital evidence in court. The device? Vantage, a ground-breaking product developed by Indicomm Global that will revolutionise media streaming and evidence gathering for First Responders.

Vantage has been designed to offer a service that will ultimately enhance the personal safety and security of the Police, the Military, Firefighters, Paramedics, other First Responders, Lone Workers and Site Engineers. Unlike other systems, it is an all-in-one solution to capturing, transmitting and recording data, and allowing evidence to be either downloaded later or saved at the time of transmission. It also addresses the need to provide increased co-operation and information sharing between First responders, as defined in the Civil Contingencies Act (2004). What’s more, as an evidence-gathering facility, it’s particularly effective, because the video content is fully encrypted and the device is tamper-proof – a feature that is extremely important to the police service with respect to criminal prosecutions.

If you would like to know more, please download the Vantage datasheet.



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The Indicomm Vantge was launched at the Counter Terror Expo, an event focused exhibition that delivers the ideal platform for those from the public and private sectors tasked with sourcing and delivering a robust defence against international terrorism.

It has a built-in HD Camera and the added flexibility of having an auxiliary input interface for connecting to existing infrastructure, thus avoiding movement issues for front-line personnel. Vantage is compact, lightweight and rechargeable, and can be worn on the body (Klickfast compatible), hand held, or vehicle-mounted. The camera housing is articulated, so it can be positioned front or backwards facing.

Indicomm were able to present the Vantage to a potential 55 international and national buyers tasked with delivering a formidable and effective response to the threat of international terrorism. The buyers were from government, critical national infrastructure, armed forces, security services, law enforcement, and utilities at the cutting edge in developing the tools necessary to combat the scourge of terrorism.