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As a major global player in the subsea communications cable industry, Indicomm has all the knowledge and expertise that you’d expect us to have in a challenging, competitive and highly technical industry.

Over the past decade, Indicomm has emerged as a leading player in the field of telecommunications. We have developed an enviable reputation for delivering fast reliable solutions with the capacity and experience to undertake both domestic and multinational projects. Our field of operations is truly global, and we’ve built up an impressive bank of knowledge and experience, particularly in subsea and Mobile environments.

Highly flexible with an agile management structure allows for a robust but swift governance mechanism able to deliver all aspects of telecommunications installation, commissioning and integration. Indicomm has been involved in projects all over the world and in a wide range of environments. We are able to take into account not only technical expertise but also any social, political and cultural factors which may come into play due to political or cabotage issues.

Whilst Indicomm is a small “niche” supplier, we believe with our dedication and commitment we can deliver the complex telecommunications solutions to the highest standards demanded by industry today. Professionalism and adaptability are at the heart of our business and these have enabled us to retain our core business clients for more than a decade.

As an independent service supplier in an evolving world Indicomm. Our services include installation, testing, commissioning, surveys, client representation, project management and maintenance on projects ranging from subsea cable to Terrestrial fibre rings and Mobile Networks, voice, data, wireless, IP and VOIP networks.

The world of global telecommunications is a demanding one. The speed and frequency of technical advances means that the needs of employers and contractors are constantly changing. From the outset we set ourselves extremely high standards, and over the years we have established an excellent track record, deploying high quality engineers, who have delivered projects on time and within budget. As a result, we provide multi-disciplined engineers, consultants and management services to some of the biggest global players in the Telecoms and Submarine Networks industry.


Subsea UK is the champion for the UK subsea industry and act for the entire supply chain bringing together operators, contractors, suppliers and people in the industry.

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Indicomm are proud sponsors of ‘Team Four Sport’ The off-road race team from Famous Four.

Indicomm Sponsors Team Four Sport


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French, Indonesian, American Cable engineers splicing fibre optic cable as part of the beach man hole termination of the Alaska subsea telecoms cable shore end installation.

A subsea plough on the aft deck of a cable lay vessel, prior to launching for seabed trenching whilst simultaneously laying the cable into the trench behind the plough as it is towed by the cable ship.

Specialist communications engineers preparing the base antennae for long range video and data transmission at an event in Bisley, Surrey.